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Passion for Creation. Cutting edge technological solutions. Design focused on the changing needs of the client. Combination of economy and ergonomics. All of the above are reflected in our Oknoplast philosophy.


3 000

sales outlets in 13 countries




years of experience in the PVC windows industry






Our role extends far beyond the design and manufacturing of windows. We also offer consulting, design and installation services to our clients. We believe that clients are our best sales force; therefore, we focus on their satisfaction throughout each stage of service.



OKNOPLAST clients always receive an innovative offer. Our company has an R&D department that works on continuous improvement of our products and seeks new solutions. Oknoplast works with renowned European suppliers of components, constantly implementing technological innovations and new functional solutions.



Unique aesthetics is the phrase most frequently used to describe OKNOPLAST's products by those who have bought them. A wide selection of profiles and fills, colours and accessories, and most importantly, the precision of manufacture give OKNOPLAST's products the aesthetic qualities that make them a true showcase for any building.

History of innovation


The beginning
Adam Placek founds OKNOPLAST-Kraków and begins manufacturing PVC windows.


„I care about quality and appearance and not about just quickly shipping products out of the warehouse. I am demanding; I strive for perfection on every step.”
- Adam Placek, the founder of Oknoplast

Pierwsze osoby na pokładzie

The first team
Initially, the company employs 60 individuals.

Pierwsza siedziba

First office
The first office of the company is in Kraków at Al. Pokoju 81, in the building previously occupied by Polmozbyt.

After 1989, thousands of Poles wanted new windows for their homes. It was symbolic: the old, crooked windows had to go, just like the Polish People's Republic.


We are growing.
In one year, we manufactured 26 thousand windows.

Breaking the first financial barrier
The company's annual turnover exceeds PLN 10 million.

Pozyskujemy licznych partnerów biznesowych

Finding new business partners
We are developing our sales chain - our windows are available in 20 salons.


We are increasing employment by 50% to 90 people.

Production grows even faster
In one year, we manufactured 36 thousand windows.

Active marketing
We are moving towards bolder marketing activities. Outdoor advertisements were displayed on the Main Market Square in Kraków.


Further developments

Aluminium joinery
We begin manufacturing aluminium joinery. Our product offer expands.

Crossing barriers
The annual production volume of our company exceeds 50 thousand windows.

Two production plants
Our windows are now manufactured in the plants at ul. Pułkownika Dąbka and ul. Nowohucka.


U = 1.1 glass panel

U = 1.1 glass panel
We are the first to introduce glazing units with the U-value of 1.1. Today, such thermal transmittance value is a standard.

170 osób na pokładzie

170 employers aboard
Employment is growing. There are now 170 employees in the company.

Growing sales network
We are dynamically expanding our sales network. The company has over 50 business partners.


Concealed in-groove seal pressures

Concealed in-groove seal pressures
We are the first to apply an internal solution in all of our windows that improves the sealing pressure of the sash. This solution improves the appearance of our windows by reducing the number of visible fittings on the frame.

New veneer colour - Douglas Fir
The colour selection is expanded. We introduce the Douglas Fir-coloured veneer.

Dynamic growth of the company
Production grows rapidly. Our manual volume is 125,000 windows, which gives us an annual revenue of ca. PLN 50 million.


New veneer colour - Golden Oak

New veneer colour - Golden Oak
Yet another colour in our selection. The Golden Oak veneer would go on to capture the taste of our clients and become one of the most popular veneer colours on the market.

Moving to Ochmanów
The company moves from Kraków to Ochmanów, which offers much greater potential for growth. Our production area is 3,000 square metres!


Visibly more innovation.

Visibly more innovation
The standard versions of our windows now include silver fittings and anti-slam tilt locks that prevent the window from slamming, e.g. in a strong draft.

MEDIO profile
A new item in our offer - a solution based on the 3-chamber MEDIO window profile.

Mishandling device as a standard
With the mishandling device as a standard, our windows become error-proof in handling.


U = 1.1 Neutral glass panel

U = 1.1 Neutral glass panel
New offer - low-emission U = 1.1 Neutral glass panels with coatings improving the transparency of the glass. This solution increases the volume of sunlight entering the room and reduces heating costs.

200,000 manufactured windows
Our production volume grows constantly. We have now 200,000 windows under our belt.

First awards
We receive our first awards! OKNOPLAST receives its first Leader of the Year award and Solid Company certificate.


AWANS profile

AWANS profile
We introduce the AWANS system - OKNOPLAST's first proprietary solution in the 5-chamber windows segment. We are taking up the new market challenge of thermal insulation of windows.

Visibly more aesthetics
With a new corner finishing technology based on the 0.2 mm "thread", the appearance of our coloured windows improves even more. We also introduce the breakthrough Walnut colour!

Our production space expands
Our production space expands to
7,000 m²


Brown EPDM seals

Brown EPDM seals
We start using brown EPDM seals in our windows, which provide a better match of the veneer to the window veneer colours.

We start our expansion onto European markets
Poland joins the European Union, and we launch dynamic sales on foreign markets (Central and Eastern Europe).

WIN-STEP - a proprietary, low balcony threshold
Our offer now includes very low WIN-STEP balcony thresholds that make it easier to go out onto the balcony or terrace and back inside.


U = 1.0 glass panel as a standard

U = 1.0 glass panel as a standard
Our company is the first in Europe to offer glass panels with [thermal transmittance] U = 1.0. Our windows now feature an even better thermal performance and lower heat loss, and our clients save money on heating bills.

Entering the German market
We launch sales on the German market. Our first outlet is located in Iggingen near Stuttgart.

• 1 million manufactured windows
• Nearly 50 new sales outlets
• Expanding our warehouse area by a further 3,000 square metres


New colour - Amarena

New colour - Amarena.
With the new veneer colour Amarena, our windows look even better.

Maco Multi-Matic fittings
With the new Maco Multi-Matic fittings with intelligent security cam, the durability, functionality and appearance of our windows is further improved.

Q-Zert Quality Certificate
OKNOPLAST confirms the top quality of its products by becoming the first Polish company to obtain the prestigious Q-Zert Quality Certificate.


Platinium window

Okno Platinium

Platinium window
New product in our offer - Platinium windows, the first in Europe with a rounded frame on the inside. The new window is a nod to clients who value elegance and state-of-the-art solutions.

CE Declaration
We introduce MACO Invisso invisible hinges to our windows. This solution improves the visual quality of the windows, while maintaining the tilt & turn functionality.

Towards the Italian sun
We are the first Polish company to launch sales of windows in Italy. The world capital of design is not easy territory, but after three years, it turned out that OKNOPLAST is the third most recognisable Polish brand in Italy, after John Paul II and Lech Wałęsa.


Glued-on muntins with two heights

Glued-on muntins with two heights
New product in our offer - window mullions with two height options that open up new interior arrangement possibilities, particularly in historic buildings and mansions.

MACO Invisso invisible hinge
We introduce MACO Invisso invisible hinges to our windows. This solution improves the visual quality of the windows, while maintaining the tilt & turn functionality.

Nowy Prezes

New Chairman
Mikołaj Placek steps up as the new Chairman. At that time, the company employs 500 people and has an annual revenue of PLN 200 million.


Certified anti-burglary windows

Certified anti-burglary windows
Our windows are the first in Poland to obtain the anti-burglary certificate WK2.

Our product portfolio expands
We launch the manufacture of PVC and aluminium roller shutters.

First steps in sports marketing
We begin sponsoring the MKS Puszcza Niepołomice football team.


Expansion onto new markets

Expansion onto new markets
Our company enters the French market.

We receive the "Teraz Polska" (Poland Now) award for Platinium windows in the "Best Product" category

New production halls
We build new production halls to increase the scale of our business and prepare ourselves for expansion onto new markets.


Platinium Evolution

Platinium Evolution

Platinium Evolution
The premiere of Platinium Evolution - the first energy-saving window on the market, developed on the basis of the tried-and-tested Platinium model.

Record exports
At the end of the year, the company has PLN 320 million in revenue, of which 50% comes from exports.

New face of OKNOPLAST
We refresh our logo and introduce new marketing communications. This includes an official company profile on Facebook.


ColorFull window

ColorFull window
We launch the ColorFull windows, which in terms of visual quality are identical to wooden windows.

Our own sealed glazing units.
We launch the manufacturing of our own sealed glazing units to be installed in our windows.

Oknoplast and global football
OKNOPLAST becomes one of Inter Milan’s sponsors.


Winergetic Premium Passive

Winergetic Premium Passive

Winergetic Premium Passive
New products for passive buildings - Winergetic Premium Passive with SpaceBlock technology. The quality of our windows is confirmed by the renowned IFT Rosenheim institute.

WARMATEC warm spacer
We introduce Warmatec, a warm glass panel spacer which further reduces the thermal bridge effect. Another advantage of the spacer is its appearance, matching the colour of the windows and seals.

We become the sponsors of more football clubs
OKNOPLAST signs sponsorship deals with more football clubs: Borussia Dortmund and Olympique Lyon.


4Xglass sealed glazing unit

4Xglass sealed glazing unit
We introduce the 2-chamber 4Xglass sealed glazing units in our windows, which provide 4 advantages:
• improved thermal performance of the window
• improved sound reduction
• improved light transmission through low-emission coating
• reduced weight of the sealed glazing unit, making it possible to create large, opened glazing panels

Oknoplast celebrates its 20th birthday
After 20 years in business, our company has 1,800 sales outlets and is the largest exporter of windows in Europe.

Cancer. It's curable!
We join the "Cancer. It's curable!" campaign to help battle the illness.


Mishandling device as a standard.


Prolux windows are launched on the market. With a 22% larger glass panel area, the windows provide more light and improve the well-being of users!

The first such window test
During the "Space Fans" conference, we conduct the world's first window strength test using… an airplane.

Visibly more light.
A dedicated Prolux windows website is launched.

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