Centaur award for OKNOPLAST for exports to Italy

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Dec 2015

On 15 December, during a ceremony in the Embassy of Poland in Rome, representatives of Polish companies operating in four sectors: construction, food, resources and electrical engineering, received the prestigious Centaur awards for Polish exporters. The awards were given in recognition of the best export volumes in 2014. Oknoplast received the award in the construction category as the leading European manufacturer of PVC windows. In 2014, the Polish manufacturer of door and window joinery achieved a turnover of PLN 480 million.

The award was received from Mr. Tomasz Orłowski, Ambassador of Poland to Italy, by Mikołaj Placek, Chairman of the Board of Oknoplast Group. “The Centaur award for Polish exporters is a very important distinction for me, most of all because the Italian market is particularly important to me personally. I could go on for hours listing its advantages, but I will name only the most important: the Italian mentality, the history of Italian civilisation, and one of the best local cuisines and wine in the world. Of course, I have to mention the business value as well – Italy is a huge market worth PLN 60 million, and the largest exports market of Oknoplast Group. Ten years ago Italy seemed like another world to Polish businesses, in particular in the construction industry. However, we were not deterred. We have based our strategy on 4 pillars: the clients we want to win, the best customer service that Italy has not seen before, supplying the most innovative products, and establishing strong marketing communications. Today our products are available in Italy in nearly 700 outlets, and Oknoplast brand awareness is estimated at 40% in the surveys,” emphasised Mikołaj Placek in his acceptance speech.

Over the course of 10 years Oknoplast has reached the position of the second largest window joinery supplier on the Apennine Peninsula, and the most recognisable window manufacturer. Oknoplast owes its Italian success to high quality products and well-thought-out marketing activities. The windows from the Polish manufacturer are distinguished by unique design oriented at the client’s changing needs and combining the economy and ergonomics of use.

The Polish company is a leading European manufacturer of door and window joinery. Oknoplast Group is composed of three brands: Oknoplast, WnD, and Aluhaus. The company has nearly 2,500 sales outlets in 10 EU countries, including nearly 700 on the Apennine Peninsula. The foundations of our company are top quality products and innovations that drive the development of the sector in Europe.

Other recipients of the Centaur award for Polish exports to Italy included PESA, Polski Koks and Pini Polonia.

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