Things to remember when choosing windows for your house

Aug 2015

When planning to purchase windows for our house or flat, we should bear in mind that it is a substantial investment. The windows should serve us for many years. Not everyone knows which parameters to consider when choosing the right window.

Aside from the visual quality and design that matches the architecture of the building, we should also take into consideration comfort of use and, most of all, the protection level against external factors. For this reason, it is worth learning the parameters that should be considered when choosing the window, and what to ask the salesperson before making the final decision.

1. Window profile

Simply put, the window profile is the structure of the window that is responsible for its rigidity and holds the glass panel in place. The profile is composed of the frame, the sash, the mullions and glazing beads.

The profiles can have three different classes – A, B or C. The highest class is A, which means that the exterior walls of the window are 3-mm thick and the width of the internal chambers is 5 mm

OKNOPLAST also ensures the appropriate training and verification of skills of the installation crews that work together with our company’s trading partners.

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