Full Benefits of Aluminium for Everyone – ALUHAUS Launches the Tenvis Aluminium Door Collection

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Mar 2018

What is the best front door to choose, so that it stands out and still ensures great performance? The dilemma begins with the material. Although wood is still highly popular, aluminium is increasingly in demand owing to its long life and designer look. The latest Tenvis door collection from ALUHAUS follows this growing trend for lightweight and durable structures.

Aluminium joinery has been busy conquering Europe. In its 2016 report, the Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB) announced that products made from aluminium had recorded the highest increase in exports within the door and window joinery industry in Poland, at 14.9%. Where do Polish aluminium products go? The data indicates that aluminium doors and windows sell well in France where, as reported by TBC-France, aluminium joinery took nearly a quarter of the market back in 2012, ousting products made from other materials.

The increasing interest in this material is hardly surprising, and while its benefits are not well known to the general public in Poland, they are attracting ever more publicity. Until recently, however, aluminium was largely used to manufacture luxury products for a select target market. This is now being challenged by ALUHAUS, which has just launched its latest collection of fully aluminium doors, combining all the benefits of the material with an affordable price.

Design at the forefront

When comparing what is available on the market and value for money, the Tenvis door collection stands out as being relatively inexpensive. It presents high quality on many levels, which also shows in its design – the collection includes four lines with simplicity and modernity as their main features. Anyone who loves Scandinavian and loft designs is sure to enjoy the Groove solid door series, in trendy greys with lines that provide enhanced visual appeal. This style also suits the Inox product lines, with stainless steel applications and sleek glazing adding an element of lightness to the doors. For those looking for a more timeless appeal, there is the Classic range to give a remarkable look to any interior. Then there is the Intrasio line, featuring slim and narrow glazing that lets in streaks of sunlight and offers an intriguing play of light. All models are available in a complete RAL colour range, integrating perfectly with the individual style of any home.

Full benefits of aluminium

One huge advantage of the latest Tenvis door collection from ALUHAUS is the build quality. Aluminium is used to its full potential, in the leaf, the frame and the panel. This offers the considerable advantage of higher durability compared to products from other manufacturers that include additional wooden materials. Owing to this, our doors easily last for years, with no loss of performance due to weather conditions like intense sunlight or humidity. The sheet metal thickness used is also of note as it exceeds the market standards, with internal and external sheet thicknesses of 2 mm and 3 mm respectively. This combination of materials helps to extend the useful life of the products even further.

Warm and safe

Equally important is the thermal insulation of the products, ensured by the choice of filling material – extruded polystyrene (XPS).

“One of the key parameters for home doors is thermal transmittance, which gives the expected heat loss for a specific product. The lower the U-value, the better. Since 2017, EU standards have required manufacturers to meet the 1.5 W/m2K threshold, and in 2021 the limits become even stricter. It certainly is a good idea to pick a door that gives one protection of the highest level. For this reason, our newly launched Tenvis doors guarantee thermal insulation of 0.85 W/m2K, making them suitable for energy-efficient homes,” explains Mike Żyrek, Research and Development Manager at ALUHAUS.

On top of the savings in heating costs, Tenvis doors also ensure safety. They feature an automatic lock, so when the door leaf is closed it locks at three separate points without the use of a key. Security is also enhanced by means of a ring-shaped rosette that prevents break-ins. The products may also be upgraded with Smart Home features, which enable unlocking the door by smartphone, remote control or fingerprint scanner. This solution promotes the creation of a Secure Home.

Durable, and environmentally friendly

Resistance to deformation and corrosion, ease of use, energy-efficiency and safety all make Tenvis doors a great choice for both houses and flats. Aluminium products have yet another important strong point – all ALUHAUS products are 100% recyclable and so perfectly environmentally friendly.

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