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May 2015

On 26 May in London, the prestigious Ruban d’Honneur award ceremony was held, organised by the British business organisation Baker Tilly. OKNOPLAST was the only Polish representative of the construction industry to receive this honourable award and to advance to the finals of the Export/Import category of the European Business Awards.

After several dozen months of multi-step eliminations, awards were given to the finalists and laureates of the contest, selected from among 24,000 European companies. The ceremony was opened by Mr. Adrian Tripp, CEO of European Business Awards, who emphasised the unique character of all of the companies present which – as he put it – make a better future for all of us. The ceremony was attended by international business leaders, as well as politicians, ambassadors and scientists.

OKNOPLAST advanced to the final of the European Business Awards in the Import/Export category. The international jury acclaimed the Polish company as one of the leading European manufacturers of PVC windows and doors. The exports value of OKNOPLAST Group, which operates in 10 European markets, is ca. 15% of the entire Polish exports of PVC windows. In 2014, the exports share in the company sales structure was 70%, which makes OKNOPLAST the largest Polish exporter in terms of the value of sold PVC windows. Currently, there are over 2,400 sales outlets under the OKNOPLAST brand. The company’s main export destination is Italy. Oknoplast is also working hard to increase its sales volumes in the French and German markets.

The Ruban d’Honneur medal was received by Mikołaj Placek, Chairman of OKNOPLAST Group. “We are very proud to receive the Ruban d’Honneur medal. This award is a very special distinction for OKNOPLAST and crowns over 20 years of experience in the door and window joinery manufacturing. We are proud to represent Poland and Polish business in one of the most prestigious European business contests, honouring companies distinguished by the best practices and innovations in their respective industries,” commented Mikołaj Placek.

European Business Awards is an independent business contest that honours and promotes the best practices and innovativeness in the business environment of the European Union, and supports the growth of the business community. The contest distinguishes the best business leaders and their companies.

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