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Feb 2014

Entrance door by Aluhaus, a new brand in the portfolio of OKNOPLAST Group, and OKNOPLAST window joinery, including the flagship product – the Winergetic Premium Passive window for passive housing, were showcased in the “Dobre Klimaty” (Good Climate) programme on TVN Meteo. In the programme, Tomasz Zubilewicz discusses energy-saving construction..

The extensive material featured the Aluhaus and OKNOPLAST production plant in Ochmanów, and showed the viewers how spectacular the company production is through the lens of a TV camera.

The film about the Aluhaus door is available on the YouTube channel of Dobre Klimaty (Good Climate) – Episode 8. The programme also featured the flagship product of OKNOPLAST – the Winergetic Premium Passive window for passive buildings. The window premiered in Episode 9, in which Tomasz Zubilewicz checked the properties of energy-saving windows.

Contact forthe Press

Piotr Kuciapski
Specjalista ds. PR p.kuciapski@oknoplast.com.pl +48 600 040 448
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