OKNOPLAST wins the StolArchi award for smog protection ventilators.

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Oct 2018

On Thursday, October 18, the National Joinery Forum took place in Warsaw. During the event, the StolArchi competition was also settled, in which representatives of architectural studios, who take various elements of joinery into account in their projects on a daily basis, have given the awards to the best products on the market. Among the solutions which attracted the jury’s attention were the OKNOPLAST anti-smog ventilators, which won the Function – Innovation category.

The competition accompanying the event at PGE Narodowy Stadium focuses on the opinions of practitioners who use various solutions and technologies in the field of joinery. The list featured a number of experienced architects, including Waldemar Bastkowski, Bartłomiej Martens, Sylwia Melon-Szypulska, Tomasz Niedzielski and Iwona Sierpińska. They awarded prizes in three categories. The Form category aims at appreciating products that are characterised by well-thought-out form, along with high level of workmanship. Function – Innovation is a category for products that deserve to be referred to as breakthrough, as well as interesting ideas to improve the performance or installation. The Technical Support category covered yet another area, promoting brands and companies that exhibit the best practices in this area. The OKNOPLAST Group’s solutions achieved great success, winning awards in two categories.

Practical and design innovations

The manufacturer from the Małopolska region received an award for the anti-smog ventilators introduced to the market in the second half of 2017, which stop up to 98% of harmful PM 2.5 particles, ensuring high quality of air in the interiors. They can be installed on a window, they are small and guarantee a quick effect. What is more, they are also affordable to purchase and maintain, which makes them exceptionally practical. The jury particularly appreciated their functionality and innovative nature. They also noted the easy installation and immediate benefit that makes these ventilators a breakthrough product.

OKNOPLAST also received a distinction in the Form category for the designer Lunar window, which had its premiere during the Fensterbau Frontale trade show in Nuremberg. The new design is made almost entirely of glass, with minimal use of other materials. Thanks to this, the product uses the potential of glazing to the fullest, which translates into an incredible visual effect. The architects appreciated the form of the product and the masterful use of modern technologies of glass bonding and building elements with perfectly smooth, seamless surfaces. In their opinion, such features open up the possibility of designing state-of-the-art architecture, which stands out and attracts the eyes.

“We are proud that our innovations have been recognised by specialists and experienced practitioners. This is another proof for us that it is worth looking for new, non-obvious solutions that will contribute to the development of the joinery market,” said Mikołaj Placek, Chairman of the Management Board of OKNOPLAST Group. “When thinking about new technologies, we always pay attention to both the form of the product and its practical application – such an approach brings the best results.”


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