HST Premium patio doors

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Sep 2017

HST Premiumpatio doors

An excellent combination of modernity, energy efficiency, and security, created with the intent to eliminate architectural barriers, conforming to the latest space design trends.


  • special hardware that guarantees that the door leaves slide in relation to each other or in relation to the fixed part of the structure freely and without any resistance
  • possible use of motor-driven fittings
  • a door handle tension spring
  • different designs with at least several different versions and layouts of door leafs and fixed parts


  • a five-chamber door frame profile, with installation depth of 197 mm, a four-chamber door leaf profile with installation depth of 85 mm
  • Uw on the level of 0.92 W/m²K with a Ug=0.5 glazing unit with a Warmatec spacer
  • advanced thermal insulation parameters that guarantee low heat losses and, consequently, low costs of space heating
  • glazing or filling panel thickness up to 51 mm, which enables making large glazed surfaces with energy-efficient two-chamber insulated glass units
  • a Thermostep 68 mm warm threshold
  • as an option, a flatstep threshold (24 mm) with a thermal separator
  • integrated gaskets guarantee high air tightness, a pipe gasket


  • trickle ventilation in the fitting
  • a handle damper
  • the Comfort cover for the threshold eliminates the threshold barrier and thus facilitates moving into and out of the room
  • tandem trolleys for leaves weighing more than 300 kg


  • very good stability of the structure thanks to a 3 mm thick steel reinforcement
  • possibility to make leaves weighing up to 400 kg
  • integrated gasket


  • fittings with improved burglary resistance of RC2 class, conforming to the ENV 1627 standard, are available
  • a handle with a semi-insert
  • a two-side handle with an insert as an option


  • a simple, classical profile
  • more space thanks to the ability to build a structure up to 6.5 m long and as much as 2.8 m high


Contact forthe Press

Piotr Kuciapski
Specjalista ds. PR p.kuciapski@oknoplast.com.pl +48 600 040 448
Dorota Piejko
24/7 Communication dorota.piejko@247.com.pl +48 515 177 515