Advanced fittings with unique solutions guarantee the safety and comfort of use of the windows for many years.


Passive lite of the window with floating mullion, fitted with an espagnolette with concealed lever, lends the open window an exquisitely elegant appearance; the lever facilitates the handling of the sash and improves protection against uncontrolled closing. Additional multi-step tilt regulation by handle. Unique, patented "SAFE LOCATION" solution - a system of specially designed fitting elements that ensure the correct sash position in the window. The unique, octagonal mushroom cam works with frame strikers, providing an initial stage of protection, and its ergonomic shape, perfectly aligned with the frame strikers, enables convenient handling of the sashes.

Multi Power

The so-called "invisible hinges" are concealed between the frame and the sash. This unique solution improves the aesthetic features of the window, but also its tightness. They also make it easier to keep the blinds, roller shutters and storm shutters clean. Guaranteed durability and functionality.

Anti-forcing fittings

Anti-forcing fittings:

The advanced anti-forcing fitting improves the level of protection against burglary by using i.e. RC1 or RC2 anti-burglary strikers (burglary resistance class according to the European Standard).

RC1 burglary resistance class

The anti-burglary fitting with RC1 burglary resistance class provides protection against forced entry (kicking, hitting, pulling out) by applying additional protection to each window corner and using a key lock handle.

RC2 burglary resistance class

The anti-burglary fitting with RC2 burglary resistance class improves protection against burglary with the use of force or tools. The fitting hinders entrance into the house through appropriately spaced mushroom striker plates, a key lock handle and the special P4 glass panel.


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